Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Final Countdown.

Exactly 2 weeks from today is my first 10 mile race. Today is also exactly 8 weeks until my first half marathon. Wow! Those races are quickly approaching.

With these milestones in mind, I do not have any time to slack... at anything. I don't have time to give into food temptations or even miss a workout. I need to lace up my shoes at every opportunity possible, even on days I don't feel like it. I know I need to push myself a little harder than I usually do.

For these races, I'm not focused on my time, only my ability to finish. I know eventually I will compete again in 10 mile races and half marathons, so I'll have plenty of time to focus on improving my time and getting faster.

I am very excited for these two major milestones. I feel determined, motivated and confident. I know I'll be ready. 


  1. Hey there Laura, I just wanted to say I read your weight loss journey on AOL, and you have inspired me! So thank you for that! Starting tomorrow...I am getting rid of all the junk and eating healthy! Stay the course! :)

  2. Hi Sara Nicole. You're so welcome and thank you for the comment. I'm so happy to hear that! Good for you! :D