Friday, August 16, 2013


Last night, I ran my 20th race since the beginning of 2013. Earlier in the day, I told myself that this 5k road race would be my redemption. I had an embarrassing 5k last week and I wanted to redeem myself. During the past week, I have had some difficulties avoiding food temptations resulting in eating larger portions and continuous snacking throughout the day. Even though I slipped back a little into my old mentality, I was able to control it enough so it didn’t affect my weight loss, in fact I still continued to lose. Yesterday, prior to the race, someone asked if I ate better during the day than I did last Thursday. My response was "Yes and I’m back." I said I’m back because I picked myself back up from the temptations and was ready to show myself that I still had it. I was motivated, determined, ready to run and ready to push myself until the end.

I had a GREAT time running. I kept myself focused on the goal and I was truly enjoying it. While running the course, I kept looking down and noticing these sewer covers. Half way through the race, I felt so good that I actually leaped over one and continued running. After that I actually chuckled at my confidence, bravery and determination to not fall during my impromptu leap. The course was similar to a figure 8 and once I realized I was turning back on the main road, I turned my music a little louder and kept on running. 

One of the song that was on my playlist was “Never Give Up On A Good Time” by the Spice Girls. I thought that was so appropriate. I was having such a good time and that silly song definitely help. I knew if people weren’t around, I would have belted it out like I was the 6th Spice Girl. Hmm, maybe Running Spice?!

I love when running seems easy and the time (and distance) just clicks by before you realize it. That helped during the race and before I knew it we were making the last turn and I knew the finish line was just down the hill. Another runner picked up her pace and actually passed me. I didn’t want that to happen, so I sped up too. We were running the same pace until the very end, I sped up even more. I ended up passing her and as a result achieved my fastest time ever. (See picture below)


 Once I finished I was so proud and excited about my time. I felt amazing. (See picture below)

 It’s such a wonderful feeling to have a goal in mind and push yourself beyond it. Talk about a redemption!

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