Wednesday, August 7, 2013

In the fridge...

Here is a look inside the fridge. Photo taken around 9p.

On the top- a tray full of apples, lemons, oranges and plums; blueberries; yogurt.

Below- lemon water; a bowl of premade salad; cottage cheese; raw and boiled eggs.

Next- bowl of peaches; green and red grapes.

Last- big head of cabbage; cartons of grape tomatoes.

Below in a drawer (Not shown in picture)- bag of spinach; roma tomatoes; cucumbers; zucchinis; summer squash; eggplant.

Below in another drawer (Also not shown in picture)- white and red potatoes; green, red and jalapeño peppers; white, yellow and red onion.

In the door of the fridge- avocadoes; almond and skim milk; greek yogurt; salad dressings; salsa; carton of egg whites.

I went shopping days ago, so we are quite stocked. I really enjoy shopping for produce especially at local farmer's markets. The fridge is usually clean and organized. Fruits and vegetables are always available in bowls for a quick snack.

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