Saturday, August 3, 2013

Another victory for me!

This morning, I ran my 3rd 10k! The first mile was pretty difficult because I kept having thoughts that I should start walking. I knew if I let myself walk, the 10 mile run, now only weeks away, would be very difficult. I reminded myself that I ran a 10k before and I knew I could have done, so I kept running and overcame those negative thoughts. I stayed positive, focused and determined. After I ran the first 3 miles, I knew I could finish and I knew I was going to finish.

At one point in the run, I was running away from the sun and noticed my shadow in front of me. I stared at my shadow, not believing it was actually mine. The shadow seemed much smaller than I remembered. As the miles passed, it felt easier and easier to continue running until I cross the finish line. I ran the whole race and even ran this course faster that my previous 10k by 5 whole minutes!

Below are pictures from today's race. The first picture is running into the home stretch, almost crossing the finish line. The second is immediately after I finished.


My next race is a 5k on the 8th! BRING IT ON!!!