Saturday, August 24, 2013

10 miles of pure determination

This morning I ran in a 10 mile race. I have never ran that distance before. I knew I definitely had to prepare and train for the 10 miles. I ran a 5 mile race at the beginning of the week and went for another long run days later. Throughout the week, I drank more water than I normally do and continued to stay active. Yesterday, I drank even more water and took the day off from exercise. I got more sleep than usual too. I was extremely nervous because I never ran 10 miles before, so I wasn’t completely sure I could do it. I became excited for the race as I picked out my running clothes and charged my mp3 player the night before.

As I was getting ready this morning, the nerves were still ever so present. After getting to the race and in my assigned corral according to my pace, I was getting more and more excited.

 I knew this 10 miles would be a challenge, but I also knew I was going to do my best and push myself to run every single step. The first mile went by fast. Around the 2nd mile, I thought about walking. Even though I thought about it, I was not going to let myself start walking at the 2nd mile.  I knew if I walked it would take even longer to get to the finish line. I continued to run through the 2nd, 3rd and 4th miles. Between miles 4 and 5 there were some large hills, which I didn’t expect. Those hills were definitely challenging, but I still continued. I also continued through miles 5, 6 and 7. Around the 8 mile marker, I thought “I got this. I so got this!”. I  had gotten a second wind and didn’t want to give up with only 2 miles to go. I saw the 9th mile marker and became so excited that I was almost done. I continued and once the finish line was insight, I picked up my speed. It was wonderful to cross the finish line. I was so happy that I made it, but was quite tired.
I was so glad when I finally found a shaded spot to sit.

I’m so surprised that I was able to do that. My next big challenge will be my half marathon. Only 3 more miles to add on, but a lot of training still to do.
Once I got home, I thought about trying to go for a bike ride later in the day, but now I think  I'll push that off to tomorrow.
Besides all the excitement of my first 10 mile race, I also hit another huge milestone earlier in the week. I have now lost 180 pounds!

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  1. Couldn't be prouder of you, Laura! You continue to amaze us!!!