Thursday, August 1, 2013

An exciting month

I always look forward to a new month beginning. I usually mark my weight on a calendar and keep track of it throughout the month. I like to see how much weight I've lost during the month and what days I struggle. I don't like to focus solely on my weight to show progress. I keep track of it but also keep other signs of progress in mind. At the end of everyday, I write down what exercises I did and add those up.

Below are some of last month's statistics-
     15 miles of Running;
     12 miles of walking;
     over 68 miles of biking;
     over 4 miles of swimming;
     over 20 hours of Aerobic activity;
     3 races including 2 5ks and 1 10k and
     3 days throughout the month with no exercises.

I'm going to use the statistics from last month as goals for August. I'm hoping I can surpass these numbers. Days ago, I signed up for some races for the month of August. I signed up for 2 5ks, 1 8k, 1 10k, and a 10 mile road race. I'm really looking forward to all of my races. This Saturday will be my first race of the month, a 10k!