Monday, February 16, 2015

My Fall from Grace

While I was planning what I wanted to say for this post, I kept debating with myself about posting my current weight. Why I am embarrassed to admit, I have gain some of my weight back. I am terrified to post my current weight on this blog, however I am going to. Or not. Yes, I will. No. Yes. No. Yes. I am going to, even though I am terrified to do so.

(Deep breathe, Laura!)

(Yes, I took a deep breathe, at least a dozen. Probably way more.)

Earlier this week, I weighed 281. You can probably see why I am embarrassed to admit it because it’s roughly 50 pounds that I have gained. This is definitely more than I would ever want to gain and I can’t believe I am so close to weighing 300 pounds again.

Regardless of the excuses that I used (and trust me, I used many!) this weight continued to add on because of my bad habits that I reverted back to thus causing my rear end to widen yet again. As I wrote my first draft of this post, I sat praying that I won’t have to move too much because I feared my pants would split. I didn’t realize how much weight I was actually gaining until this morning when I was getting ready to leave the house. I tried one pair of pants on first, they would not budge higher than my thighs. They were definitely not buttoning up, no matter how much I wiggled and jumped around. After changing into another pair, which I was able to button, I started walking very slowly, in fear that my pants would split and I would be reminded of a can of biscuits opening. After I buttoned those pants, I looked in the mirror and saw myself completely different than before. Even though I look at myself in the mirror everyday, I realize that I look completely different than what I did roughly 1 year ago. Most of my bad habits came back and boom there I am, looking at my 281 pound self in the mirror.

To be honest, I feel like I have wasted time. I have sabotaged myself because I am much further away from my ultimate goal. I’m not starting from scratch, but it sure feels like it. I have been a part of some very special events recently and when I look back at pictures, I dislike the way I looked. (At first I had the word “hate” but changed it to “dislike” because I was rockin’ some very cute dresses and my sassy nude heels!)

How have I gained 50 pounds back? I kept telling myself “You can eat bad just this one night, then restart tomorrow”. When tomorrow would come, same excuse. Day after day, week after week, same excuse. I would have a few good days, but not nearly enough to make a difference.  

I realize that why I think I have made a lifestyle change, I clearly did not.

I am so apprehensive to share this post because I didn’t want anyone to know that I am struggling, but I am still struggling and that ultimately why I wanted to share this.