Thursday, September 26, 2013

My nightly indulgence

I have found myself going through phases where I just crave certain beverages. I have gone through a tea phase, orange juice phase, apple juice phase and for the past months I have been in a hot chocolate phase.

This all started when I saw spray cool whip on sale at the store. After the purchase, I raced home and made some. To be honest, the cup was filled mostly with cool whip. I drank many cups of spray cool whip with a side of cocoa. After buying multiple spray cans within weeks, I told myself that I needed to cut back or stop buying. I have since stopped buying it because I could cut back. I had to stop cold turkey!

When it comes to the cocoa itself, I have bought the cheapest cocoa and the flavored cocoa, but I now buy the diet 25 calories cocoa. Some nights I drink a few cups of cocoa, so I knew I needed to continue to be aware of the calories.

One of the last times I was out of town, I stopped at a fast food restaurant and purchased hot chocolate with skin milk. After I ordered the drink, I went to that restaurant’s website and found out that I was sipping on 400 calories. My mind was blown. Never again! I will make my own if possible.

Below is a picture of tonight’s cocoa. You'll notice I have stirred in some coffee creamer. I use coffee creamer and cocoa instead of buying the flavored (creamer) cocoa. Save the calories, without eliminating the flavor!

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