Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A new chapter

I’m embarking on a new adventure. Becoming a vegetarian!

I’m going to do my research and find new recipes that will be easy enough to make and tasty as well. From the beginning, I have slowly been incorporating other sources of protein in my diet besides meat. I very rarely eat red meat as it is. The last time I can remember eating red meat is many months ago and it was only a ½ of a hamburger. I eat sources of protein, but typically it doesn’t come from meat. I do eat fish and chicken on occasion, but it's been a while. I do still plan on eating dairy and eggs.
Eventually I would like to consider myself a Vegan, but for now I’m going to try being a vegetarian.


  1. Laura, I just found your story on HuffPost and had to check out your blog. I just graduated from college and realized that I just hadn't taken care of myself in 4 years. My body felt awful, and I had zero energy. I was going to grad school, but decided I needed to take time off to work on my physical and mental health. I'm just beginning my journey, and have just reached my 5% weight loss goal. I started a couch-to-5K program and my first ever race is in November. I've still got a ways to go, but reading your blog has really helped me realize that I can accomplish what I set my mind to. Thank you for sharing your story!!

    P.S. My 3 year anniversary of being a vegetarian is November 1. I can tell you it has been a wonderful step in my goal to live a more ethical and kind life. I wish you much luck in this endeavor!

  2. You're welcome! I'm glad I could provide some encouragement for you! That's wonderful! Congratulations on your weight loss! Glad to hear you're doing the couch-to-5k program. That's what I did last summer. Good luck on your first race. Thank you very much for commenting. Keep up the great work!